Dreamlanding      Festival Park

Another Example of the Fun you can expect to find on your Visit, Not just one Dark RIDE BUT TWO!

                                           "Lost in Time and Magnolia Manor"                                                                        

​      We are now working to secure the following rides to open late summer 2018 or spring 2019 along with other first class attractions! 

Ride a bit of history on a real full scale working train on the DLN&O Line 

              You know we will have rides that turn you around as well

 Not just Coasters, But Rides for the Whole Family to enjoy!


That was 23 out of the 40 Planned Rides for our opening season! If your looking for FUN  

Dreamlanding Festival Park will be far more then it ever was in the past not just an Amusement Park but a real First Class Theme Park for the whole family to enjoy!

We hope you will support our efforts as we rebuild this park to become a place of Family Memories now and for generations to come!

At the end of the day the following Video is the Biggest Reason we are trying so hard to return the Park to Operation! It's time to return the Family Fun to New Orleans!

     " Let's Take 25 Virtual Rides on 2019 Attractions "


Our goal is to bring the fun back to New Orleans all while bringing more thrill's then ever before! We do this by the sure number of rides (40) you can find all in one place! This will be a Family Theme Park, with a mix of old and new rides that are clean, safe and well maintained. Nothing is left to chance as YOUR SAFETY is Always JOB ONE! The main issue at this time is being allowed to get started by City Government. Every week that passes brings us closer to losing one of the listed rides below as well as the risk of not being able to open in 2018 or to at minimum SEVERELY LIMIT what we will be able to open with! We continue to hope for a go ahead approval from our city leaders any day now! All we can do for now is hope that we still have time to act for 2018. 

The New Free Fall Tower is 250 Feet Tall 55 Feet More Then The Old S&S Was!


               The following Videos are the work of others and from other parks and are just examples of planned rides for 2018 & 2019.


     Example of our first ALL NEW from the ground up attraction, you are going to be Amazed at how the park is going to change and grow!