Dreamlanding      Festival Park

​Charlotte Burnell, Strategic Planning and Community Outreach

Member of the Board of Directors

With over 20 plus years in Construction, QC/Safety, Planning, Environmental, Government Management, FEMA/CDBG and Disaster Recovery.

14 Years as the CAO for the 5th Largest City in LA

Other Certifications (R.M.P.E.) (U.S.A.C.E.) (C.Q.M.) 



​Scott Cull, (COO) Heavy Construction, Concert and Festival Coordination ​

Member of the Board of Directors

Over 30 years in Construction and Environmental Idustry 

Expert with Drainage and Runoff Issues and Major Earth Work Projects

Solid Connections with Major Concert Promotion Companies through his 30/90 connection. 

Larry Kirchner - Owner Black Light Attractions

One of the World's BEST Designers and builders of Interactive Dark Rides.

Builder of Ghostwood Estate at Kennywood and Spiderman at Niagara Falls as well as countless other Black Light Rides and Attractions around the world. 

Sean M. Bruno,

CPA Firm

President/CEO Bruno Certified Public Accountants  

Danny R. Rogers, (CEO) Senior Park Director 

Member of the Board of Directors

Over 50 years experience in the Amusement Industry 

Ride Acquisition Worldwide, Park Operations Expert, Ride and Park Designer

Past Association; Disney, Knott's Berry Farm, Magic Mt, Lion Country Safari, Marriott's Great America, Legend City, Carousel Mt., United Shows of America, B&B Amusement,  Rogco Worldwide Ride Manufacture, Zencoy Amusement, Southern Star Amusement

Meet Our Board of Directors 

Patrica Greenway, Executive Art Director of T.F.C.

Award Winning Set Designer

Has designed numerous Theme Park Attractions 

​Holds Arts Degrees from Old Dominion University and 

Universite de Nice, France

Peter Alexander, Head Creative Consultant 

Owner of the Totally Fun Company

Along with the entire company of Skilled Professionals


​Director of Projects for Walt Disney EPCOT and Tokyo Disney

V.P. for Universal Studios Florida

Created Ride Attractions King Kong, Back to the Future, E.T., Jaws, Earthquake and much more.

​Erich C. Altvater, Consultant and President of Atlantic Fountains

Water Show and Themed Fountain Design

With over 4000 Projects over the years

Building our State of the art Water Show 

Henry L. Klein, Head of Company Legal Team

Member of the Board of Directors

Commercial Litigation, Contract Law, Federal Practice and Securities Law

Has Presented before the U.S. Supreme Court, The 5th Circuit as just a small sample of his years working within the U.S. Court System 

Just A Small Sample of Our Consultant Pool follows, there are over 150 experts and companies ready to work, ranging from Ride Experts, Food Service, Retail, AV, Cash Control, to High Tech Security. The list of quality well qualified persons and companies is indeed very long.

This includes a large number of Small Minority Owned Local Contractors and Vendors. ( M.B.E.  W.B.E. &  D.B.E. )

We stand ready to Engage the services of the best and the brightest in order to bring the park back to life in the most responsible, safe and cost effective manner possible. The goal here is long term sustainability and controlled growth!   Grandiose and Non Focused Ideas, even when backed with what seems to be an Endless Supply of Money are often Doomed to Failure once the backers and investors come to the realization that it is one thing to have an idea but quite another to be profitable.

Our plan, just like our team of preferred suppliers and vendors is the product of real research and not based on whimsical or grandiose ideas of just one person, we are in fact a true TEAM working with one goal in mind and that is the successful rebuilding, opening and long term operation of the park, not only for the benefit of our company and employees, but the long term effect this project will have on Tourism, the City and the Local Economy.  

Kenneth Bibbins, Advanced Technology, Veterans and Education Outreach 

Member of the Board of Directors

Founder/CEO Prep World, a Clinical Physiologist, Disaster Subject Matter Expert (SME)

​Graduate of Tulane University