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The Reason For The             Season is​  Jesus Christ

Danny R Rogers


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Dear Friends,

I have placed two videos for you to watch if you please. Both are not my work or the work of anyone in my company or in fact anyone that I know, I give full credit to the folks who produced the following and thank them for all there hard work. Both are indeed very powerful reminders of what it means to be human! That people suffer is a fact of life and if you look around it may be closer then you think! Can you save the world? Perhaps not but can you find it in your heart to maybe save just one person who you do not know. Would you believe that just one dollar could make a difference? Are you so poor that a single dollar would hurt you? Most people I know would never miss it, however in the hands of groups like the Salvation Army that one dollar along with all the donations is put to the best use to help people in need! IF you can give more then PLEASE DO but give at least one dollar to help another, it may not sound like much but the feeling you get in return is worth all 100 pennies!

I do not know what the future holds for myself or my company we have been told that funding will be coming but so far it has not arrived. I tell you this only so you understand that I am not asking from a position of a rich man but a person much like you who is doing all within his power to make ends meet and in truth failing. However I trust GOD to help bring my company to a point where we can also help others in need. It may be a shock to some of you but I am not in this for the money (that is not true for investors) I am 66 years old and my mission is to build a business that can help others with badly needed jobs. Yes there are a lot of very good people out of work who want to work and at this rate I may be one of them but again I trust my God to show me the way. My hope and prayer is that this Christmas Season you will take just a minute of your time and thank GOD for your blessings and remember the ones who have nothing! Is that Dollar so important to you now?

May the blessings of the season be with you and yours Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   

​This is an excerpt from the full video you can watch below. I hope you find both videos as moving as I do as both bring me to tears and yes real men do cry you would need to be made of stone for the video of the Little Match Girl not to move you. Its a fact that somewhere in the world today a Child is suffering and that Child will die right here in America!