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​​​Hello Friends,

​Every project hits bumps from time to time and we are no exception to that rule I hate to say. I think what drives me to almost drink is the number of false starts and stops you experience with any project. Funding is always an issue to be faced by anyone or any company that is working on new projects. Its a sad truth that there is so much deception in the market place when it comes to funding that real projects must find a way to navigate through.  So I must tell you we hit one of the deceptions that took us off course for a few weeks and may even delay our opening a bit. We however are standing strong while seeking other funding and hope to still get this job done in record time! If anyone out there is reading this that can help please contact me at the email address below. We do have other investors we are working with but you never know unless you ask. So yes the Investors Wanted Sign is back up! 

As you already know in order to make room for the Water Park we had to reduce the number of hard rides down to 21 from the 30 we had planned to have. Well the good news is we where able to add on to the land area in the deal so we can put the rides back into the master plan. In fact we where able to add two more rides to the mix bringing our total up to 32 Amusement Rides.

The Water Park has also added a few more attractions and will give a much better value for your hard earned dollar. Oh by the way your pay one price arm band will be good for both the all rides package as well as a full day at the water park! OR you can buy just an arm band for the wet or the dry and save money!

Any arm band will get you 50% off on all up charge attractions like Go Karts, Laser Tag and Mini Golf.  

ALL arm band or Tiki Pass holders will get a 10% discount on the all you can eat buffet as well.

We continue to work on the Mississippi project and while we may have hit a bump its not the end of the world. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  I know its an uphill fight but its the right thing to do. We ask for your prayers and your support so that we can build a brighter future for the area. 

P.S. Have you Hugged your Kids Today? 


We ask for your support! 

As Always your Questions and Comments are Most Welcome!

Danny R Rogers


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