​​Hello Friends,

What a week it has been as we got hit by a small Hurricane named Nate that could have been a real problem but thank God just came and went with very little problems. We had very minor damage so I count us as lucky!

On the funding front we are now almost there and are being told that the one group is now willing to fill in what is still missing to get this project moving.  I think we are there now but will wait to see the funds hit the bank before declaring victory for this project. So if anyone is still sitting on the fence this ship is about to sail.

We have been changing a few things at the request of some of you in the general public (yes we do read your emails to us) and by popular demand we are now adding a small Water Park Area to this complex. At this time (stage of planning) it looks like we will have no less then 6 or 7 major water slides a Lazy River as well as a Kids Splash and Play Zone.

In order to make room for the Water Park we had to reduce the number of hard rides down to 21 from the 30 we had planned to have. So we are taking the very best of the rides that still fit the foot print and feel that now with the Water Park added we will give a much better value for your hard earned dollar. Oh by the way your pay one price arm band will be good for both the all rides package as well as a full day at the water park!

The last major change is that we are removing the fine dining and replacing it with a much improved fast food area and yes we will still be offering the all you can eat buffet. Again thanks to all of you who have made suggestions and please keep them coming!        

We continue to work on the Mississippi project and are making good headway. I feel that this is the right action for my company at this time and am looking forward to make more announcements about it very soon.  


We ask for your support! 

As Always your Questions and Comments are Most Welcome!

Danny R Rogers


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On the Lighter Side

This Project (Phase One) Valued at 52.5 Million Dollars is now Shovel Ready we expect to close the NOW JUST 8.3 M gap in funding very soon and start construction! 

                                                                                                            An Investor(s) financed company  



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