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Hello Friends,

I have always made it very clear we want to build a DESTINATION LOCATION for our DESTINATION CITY and for the life of me I just do not understand all the foot dragging of politicians. This is so very simple to understand and the fact that anyone stands in the road of true recovery of an entire area like the east side of New Orleans just baffles my mind.

To be fair the city must be able to see proof of our ability to meet there Fiduciary Responsibility and we have offered time and time again to meet with them to show this proof. On top of all of this now the Mayor has stepped in and declared that he will make the call as to what is to be done with the park site.  However the city will not allow any  meeting with the Mayor and keeps insisting that a method has not yet been worked out for anyone (or group) to make a presentation or offer of any kind.

So once again we are waiting on the city to act as time just keeps moving on and our ability to rebuild the whole park for the 2018 season keeps being diminished bit by bit and day by day! Can we still make a 2018 opening? You bet we can but a lot of what we want to do (some rides and attractions) are now being pushed back to late summer opening and in some cases all the way back to 2019   

I for one think the Mayor just wants to kick the can down the road to the next administration, and that is so sad as he could go down in City History as the Mayor who kick started a long over due recovery in the east.


As the park has laid dormant for almost 12 years now the effect of this unaddressed issue has been to prevent economic progress in the area all while denying a major draw to our city! Think of the number of Jobs that this project will create. Think about a new larger Tax base for the city. Understand that while an Amusement Park may not be YOUR IDEA of an ideal business in the area, it is the best opportunity that is within reach. The Park already is in place (it was purpose built) and would still to this day be in full operation if the levees had not failed. (A problem that has now been addressed by the government) Need proof well just look at what was happening around the park before Katrina. It was GROWING with new business coming to the area, that's called progress!  Six Flags saw the value of this park as do I and just like Six Flags we understand that in order for this park to become a real draw it must be grown and enlarged. We are talking about creating Hundreds if not Thousands of Jobs over time. Not just at the park but with all the spin off business that support a major entertainment complex, and the community's around it. We are just a starting point and as I have already stated ready to take the risk and when we succeed (AND WE WILL) then others will follow with more not only entertainment venues but real jobs of all kinds as industry and growth always follow in areas where clean first class family entertainment locates. This is not just some pie in the sky hope we are talking about. I have witnessed this first hand at a lot of locations around other major parks, its simple people want to be close to growth and yes that also includes major entertainment areas.


The people I work with have a long term vision for not only the park but for other areas within the city. We want to introduce not only entertainment but to create new jobs in manufacturing of new products from housing to transportation as well as more effective ways to export agriculture goods to help feed a hungry world while giving smaller and minority farms an even playing field in the market. We want to train people for the jobs that we are creating from the single parent to the high school drop out the time to stand up for every American (who wants to work) no matter there background has come. The current Welfare system is a pit of hopelessness and despair, with no latter to climb out! The cycle of poverty can not be fixed by the government, it is up to the citizens and companies of our great nation to work together to help our fellow man!  We are a Faith Based company and Proud Americans from every walk of life and we stand on the basic principal of: " If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, However if you teach a man to fish he eats for a life time" This also extends to providing employment to older workers who need extra income or just want to feel useful as well as the Veteran and persons with disabilities. Can we fix all the problems NO, however we can do our part and ask others to follow suit.

Providing employment, providing child care for our workers, providing education or trade schooling and while we are at it providing for the ones who can not provide for themselves our children and elderly through support of charitable institutions. That is our stated goals and yes we understand that what we are talking about is going to take years perhaps even a life time to achieve but you must start. "the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"      

City leaders of New Orleans we (I) am most respectfully asking you to approve my company offer it is more then fair and in no way is just blue sky. We have the team, the concept, the skill as well as all the funding we require to move forward with this project. All that is needed now is a simple approval from you to bring the last major reminder of Katrina to an end and to usher in the LARGEST COME BACK STORY IN AMUSEMENT PARK HISTORY!    

As Always your Questions and Comments are Most Welcome!

Danny R Rogers


​Dreamlanding Festival Park LLC