Dreamlanding      Festival Park

Rap & ​Soul



    The Largest Permanent Purpose Built Festival Park in America!

Presenting the Music of our lives from Cajun, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Christian, Soul,Classical, Blue Grass to what ever moves your soul and your feet! 

Think about it a place where your not stuck using Port-A-Johns or Food Service from under a Tarp! A Place where the Stages are all Built to withstand Mother Nature! A Place where if you bring the whole Family you will know that Security is the very best and the Staff is well screened as are all the Vendors!  In short we are building a Modern First Class Facility with Safety, Cleanliness and Your Comfort in Mind. So as we say in Cajun ​" Laissez les bon temps roulez"

  The Future Of New Orleans is in Music!

Come and Join All the Fun Starting in 2018

A Few Examples of Concerts Follow!

Please note that all examples used are from other Venues and are only intended to give you a flavor the feel of what is to come!

 ​ Jazz 

Understanding that MUSIC is the Life Blood of New Orleans is just another part of our PURPOSE BUILT PROJECT. By combining a major Concert or Festival Area with the Amusement Park and Water Park you are now free to roam from one to the next and enjoy facilities that you will not find at almost any other venue of it's type while only paying for what you want to use.

Lets say that tonight all you want to do is attend the big concert and have no interest in the Rides or Water Park but still want to have a sit down dinner with your friends while being close to all the entertainment. NO PROBLEM your Arm band is color coded to allow you to walk anywhere within the park using all of the food service, retail and free shows you please as well as having full access to the Concert  (And yes if you change your mind you can up grade or just buy a ticket to any ride you wish one at a time)

This works the other way around as well for folks who have no interest in the Concert, it's simple why pay for things you do not want to use?

Your arm band is your passport to whatever you want to do and Season Pass Holders enjoy some free concerts as well as deep discounts to Major Concert Events!

So you see our motto is true!    "We Got The Drop On FUN, Not your Wallet"